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Automatic fire sprinkler systems are an extremely effective method of fire protection. Used worldwide to secure life safety and premises protection. Thameside Fire Protection have been carrying out expert supply, maintenance and installation of sprinkler systems for over 30 years. We can design the ideal wet, dry or pre-action sprinkler system for your premises, leaving you rest assured that you are fully covered. 

Supply and installation

As an LPS 1048 approved company Thameside Fire Protection provides expert design, installation and servicing of all types of fire sprinkler systems including:  
  • Wet and dry sprinkler systems
  • Pre-action fire sprinkler systems
  • Deluge fire sprinkler systems
  • Dry and wet risers
  • Fire pumps and water storage tanks
  • Fire hydrants and hose reels

Servicing and maintenance

As an LPS 1048 approved company Thameside Fire Protection provides professional and efficient fire sprinkler system servicing. With a dedicated fire sprinkler system servicing and maintenance department we are able to provide a servicing package tailored to your individual requirements, to ensure your fire protection and detection systems remain fully compliant at all times.
Depending on site requirements and the type of fire sprinkler system installed the servicing and maintenance of system components is typically undertaken at the following intervals:
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly
  • Every three months
  • Every six months
  • Every year
  • Every three years


At Thameside Fire Protection as an LPS 1048 approved company we design fire sprinkler systems to meet all customer requirements and performance specifications benchmarked against current European or American standards and practices.

Our extensive design and installation experience has seen us gain and complete diverse projects across the retail, industrial, residential, domestic, educational and petrochemical sectors.
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